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Your agency's time, money & resources are too valuable to be wasted when it comes to growth & profitability.

Build your agency, your way, using our proven tools.


The 5 Must Haves to Grow Your Business



Have you ever wondered why tech is not quicker, better, and faster in the insurance industry? We had the same question. Now, imagine having access to all of your carriers, all of your quoting, and all of your automated underwriting in one central location to help you be more efficient.

Cash Flow

Cash Flow is the life blood of your agency. Knowing where, when and how your cash flows in and out of your business is now at your fingertips with centralized reporting.

Work Colleagues

Training & Support

Without the proper training for your agency, you're unlikely to succeed in growth & profitability. Our support staff are also a vital part of InsuraTec. From contacting carriers to contracting your newest agents, our staff is there to take care of it all for you. 


Working with carriers & understanding compensation can be confusing. We help you build your agency with over 15 household carriers and hundreds of products that fit your clients needs.


As a business owner, one of your biggest expenses to grow your business will be marketing. With our lead program & our exclusive recruiting program,

Co-op, you will never have to worry about marketing costs & headaches again.

Imagine being able to quickly and efficiently connect, message, and track your previous clients on additional products that would benefit them and their families at the right time. (Coming Soon)

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